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Session/Law takes a working break to move onto its next phase

To our readers:

Session/Law is taking a week’s break from publication starting Monday. We are working to transition away from the Substack platform onto something that we have more control over, in terms of user experience and possible features.

If this works, the site will have a different and shorter URL (web address) than the one you’re used to. We’ll also have a new look and feel and more latitude to maneuver editorially.

Our aim is to make this transition seamless for our paid and unpaid subscribers. That’s why we’re taking a week away. We want to put sufficient testing time into the new platform to make sure it works perfectly and that subscriptions get ported over with no hassle to you.

One very good thing can be said of Substack—it works. If this experiment doesn’t work, we will simply return using the same Substack site you’re used to. Nothing will have changed. Our bottom-line requirement is that you experience no pain, so failure to execute on the transition absolutely is an option.

But if it does work as we hope, we will soon bring you a better looking, better functioning platform that improves your Session/Law experience.

Substack is a tremendous proof of concept. We’re grateful to them for providing this platform and showing us how this form of independent publishing can work. But the truth is, all Substack sites sort of look the same. Options for site design, font choice, photo placement, block quotes, email notifications and the like, is a little limited. And while it has a great, clean look, we think we can make something a little better.

We look forward to you coming along for the ride.

If you have any comments or suggestions for features and content that you’d like to see in the future, or anything else for that matter, please leave a comment in the form on this page or email us directly at [email protected].


Kevin Featherly

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