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But only because the transition is taking longer than we expected


Session/Law is back on Substack—for now.

So hey! Did you ever have a tech project run longer than expected?

We can report that significant and encouraging progress is being made on the new Session/Law site that represents our planned next phase.

We repeat what we said a week ago: We’re committed to making sure subscribers feel no pain as a result of any change we embark on. That’s why we’re opting to come back to Substack this week. It’s also why we won’t fully commit to a change until we know the new platform works at least as well as this one. We’re not quite there yet.

So, let’s talk about this week.

We’re returning on a limited basis. Basically, paid subscribers are getting a slightly truncated Session/Law Agenda from me, and co-author Barbara Jones will file a few stories throughout the coming week. Her pieces will be free to everyone. If circumstances allow, I’ll also get a Session/Law Sound-off out there for you here on Friday.

But the reality is that I’ve still got a ton of work to do on the transition. So unless something massively imperative happens in the news, I’ll mostly be focusing my efforts on that.

One problem we’ve had is that Session/Law turns out to have been rather prolific. More than I fully realized.

In addition to collaborating with our tech administrator on whipping the new platform’s back end into shape last week—that process, too, is still ongoing—I worked on formatting and porting over to the new site the roughly 100 stories that Barb and I have written since Session/Law’s late May inception. I still have about 30 stories to go.

Who would have figured on that work taking so long? (Please don’t answer that.)

Anyway, forgive us for not getting this project done as soon as we thought and for offering you slightly limited content during this upcoming week. We’re hoping you’ll forgive and forget when we roll out the next-gen Session/Law.

We swear it’s coming together. Truth be told, we’re getting kind of excited about it. We think it’s gonna be cool beans.


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