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What is it?

Session/Law is an independent newsletter for Minnesota lawyers, lobbyists and legislators—and all those news junkies out there who care about the same stuff as our core audience.


Who’s on the team?
Kevin Featherly and Barbara L. Jones

Kevin Featherly and Barbara L. Jones

Session/Law is written by journalists Kevin Featherly and Barbara Jones.

Kevin Featherly, Session/Law’s primary writer, has decades of experience covering Minnesota law and politics. He spent the last five years with the Minnesota Capitol press corps, focusing on the legislative committees on judiciary, public safety, civil law and data practices, as well as the executive branch. He also covered key court decisions and other developments in the judiciary.

Barbara Jones, former editor of Minnesota Lawyer, is a regular contributor, focusing on important judicial arguments and rulings. She is not just a brilliant veteran journalist, she is an attorney who brings her unique training and expertise to bear from a practitioner’s perspective.


Why should I care?

If you care about police reform, you’ll want to follow Session/Law. If you care about all manner of criminal and civil law policy, courts and corrections and many other matters of legal interest, you’ll want to subscribe to Session/Law.

If in-depth coverage of rulings and arguments at the Court of Appeals, Supreme Court and other Minnesota courts matter to you, Session/Law will be of interest. If you like to follow what the governor, state Attorney General, Department of Human Rights, and other powerful executive, judicial and legislative officials are doing, you’ll appreciate Session/Law. We’ll help you understand what they are up to and how it affects you.

Our regular Monday morning Session/Law Agenda feature offers you a leg up on planning for the week ahead. And Friday’s Session/Law’s Sound-off is edifying and fun, giving you a glimpse of what our sources have to say about current events.


Why should I pay?

Because we think what we write about matters to you. No other publication will provide the same kind of focused coverage on the legal/legislative matters that most impact you and the people you serve. It’s only through your support that this work is possible.

For a time, Session/Law will be priced at the introductory rate of $100 a year. That price will rise in future months as we expand and improve to better meet your needs.

Right now, all of Session/Law’s current articles and archives dating back to May 24 are free. But at some point soon we will raise a paywall, so that much of our content will be accessible only to paid subscribers. Get on board now so you don’t miss anything.


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